Train management adventure RPG "Resonance Solstice" previews opening of all-platform open beta in China. Drive "Infinity" to save the world "Resonance Solstice"

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Train management adventure RPG
The new smartphone game "Resonance Solstice" (iOS / Android) developed by China's Critical Studio recently announced that it is scheduled to launch...

[Video Game Crazy] Mobile Weekly Weekly Games such as "The Story of Apricot Grove", "The Craftsman and the Traveler" and "Arcane Saga"

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[Video Game Crazy] Mobile Weekly Weekly Games such as
Bahamut Video Game Crazy introduces a total of 13 mobile games this week, including the turn-based strategy RPG "Arcane Saga", "NBA 2K24" MyTEAM",...

The developer of "Arknights" bought out the new game "From Stardust" and released the game scenes and some character introductions "Ex Astris"

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The developer of
The 3D semi-real-time turn-based RPG game "From Stardust" launched by GRYPHLINE is now open for pre-registration. The official has also released rel...

"Pokémon Masters EX" 4.5th Anniversary Anniversary Celebration Event held "Pokémon Masters EX" "Maggi Set Gragio Master Festival"

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The smartphone game "Pokémon Masters EX" (iOS / Android) jointly developed by DeNA and The Pokémon Company announced today (19th) that it will hold...

The developer of "Wuthering Waves" creates an open-world action game "Wuthering Waves" with limited deleted files and "Sounding Test" coming to "Wuthering Waves"

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The developer of
The cross-platform open world action game "Wuthering Waves" created by KURO GAMES, the developer of "Wuthering Waves", launched the "Wuthering Wave...

[Video Game Madness] 688 episodes of "Tomb Raider" series review: Lola's birth and career evolution

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[Video Game Madness] 688 episodes of
Speaking of "Tomb Raider", I believe the first thing that everyone thinks of is the movie series starring the famous American actress Angelina Joli...

"Dragon Puzzle" x "Hatsune Miku" collaboration returns again, adding new characters such as "Kagamine Rin・Ren", "MEIKO" and "KAITO" to "Puzzle & Dragons"

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GungHo Online Entertainment announced that the collaboration between the smartphone platform puzzle RPG "Dragon Puzzle" (iOS/Android) and the virtua...

The number of pre-registrations for the new MOBA "JUMP: Assemble" exceeded 600,000. It was announced that "JUMP: Assemble" will be officially launched on March 28.

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The number of pre-registrations for the new MOBA
The MOBA mobile game "JUMP: Assemblage", published by DeNA and co-created with Shueisha's manga magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump", officially announced...

"Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue Saga" closed beta launched on 3/14, open to experience large-scale real-time battle "Battle"

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Aiming announced that the strategy simulation game "Die Neue Saga" (iOS / Android) will hold a closed beta on March 14, 2024 (Thursday), and will st...

The new game "Morganatic Idol" in the "Beautiful Man Series" is confirmed to be launched in Japan on 3/5. Pre-order will be available on the App Store.

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The new game
CYBIRD announced today (19th) the second work of the spin-off brand "+ONE by 美男 Series" of the female-oriented love game "Beautiful Man Series", the...